If you do some of the local walks you will be rewarded with a great variety of flowers and bird life, as well as native and cultivated trees and even perhaps the odd encounter with a fox (Zorro), Wild boar ( jabalĂ­), Ibex, Iberian Red Squirrels, etc.

The Guadalest valley is returning to it's wild state, with trees now protected and many of the terraces from the early part of the last century now abandoned. There are large areas of hillside that are now inaccessible and undisturbed, thus making it an ideal haven for wildlife.

Spain has more varieties of wildlife than any other country in Europe. It is home to some of the rarest species on the planet such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the Iberian Lynx. Wolves can still be found in parts of Spain, their numbers are growing but they are very unlikely to disturb your Spanish idyll.

Spain is a bird lover's dream with 70% of Europe's bird species either visiting or breeding in Spain. Rare birds of prey such as the black vulture and Eleonora's falcon can be seen if you get lucky. 25 different bat species inhabit mainland Spain and the countryside abounds with butterflies of many colours and varieties.