The canyon in Abdet (in the Alicante - Valencia region of the Costa Blanca) is called the Barranco de Meli and it offers great sport year round. In summer it can be done just in shorts and t-shirt (except after heavy rain). If the water is at all cool then you will need a wetsuit (this also helps with your bouyancy). we have some available for use by guests.

There are several short abseils and some great jumps into deep pools, as well as plenty of easy scrambling and some swimming. There are also other canyon trips close to the village, including a dry canyon with some spectacular abseils. All such trips must only be done with the correct skills and equipment. We can give you details of local guides.

Abdet Lower Canyon.

This rarely visited canyon is a good trip if there is enough water flowing, with a few good slides and some great rock scenery. It is accessed by a spectacular abseil next to a 20 metre waterfall. It is just a few minutes walk from the village.

Other Canyons.

There are a few more - we can provide abseil topos, they are most dry excursions.

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