This short but very scenic walk takes a circuit around the pinnacles (Peña de los Cuervos - Rock of the Crows) above the village. There is a slightly shorter circuit about 4kms long. The full circuit is around 7kms. The route consists of quiet roads and tracks with some short sections of rocky footpaths.

Although only short on the walk you will pass through a variety of terrain including cultivated terraces, rocky valleys, and open hillsides with spectacular views of the Guadalest Valley. All year around there are superb displays of flowers alongside the streams, and birds of prey are usually seen soaring above the many cliffs. If you are lucky you may even disturb some wild boar!

From outside number 19 or 21 walk along past Patricio's Restaurant (closed). Bear left and take the tarmac track that climbs underneath the high walls of a new house. This passes the sports area and curves around to reveal a hidden valley. Cross the stream and follow the narrow road past some wooden houses (Machu Pichu) until the "small" freestanding pinnacle is reached.

Turn left at concrete track junction - 1.4 miles (2.2km)

Follow the concrete track steeply past a "rock wall" (ignore path at the sharp bend) to it's end. The continuing path starts descends just beyond a small finca (Casa Rosa).

Follow the feint track down to a cultivated area and keep to the top side of the "field" by bearing right.

Rejoin the track which now drops steeply into a small rocky valley which is followed to its end.

Junction at 2.4 miles (3.8km) - left back to village, right for full circuit

If continuing on the full circuit take the left junction at the next obvious fork, and avoid further right turns until you cross the stream once more (this section can be a bit overgrown at times)

A short but steep uphill section at the other side of the stream leads quickly to another junction, take a sharp left turn here, then avoid the next left turn (bear right).

The track now contours around the hill and passes a water deposit and well tended crops.

Cross over a chain (this is just to stop vehicles), ignore any turns off the main track until you meet a road.

Turn left here and at edge of village either turn will do, the left turn will take you along the road at the back of the village and back to Abdet

4.4 miles (7km) total