The Old Mill Walk

This short walk explores some scenic terraces, and old wash house, a rocky ravine (barranco) and an old mill. It's an ideal early morning or evening walk. 2.5km with a small amount of ascent . NOTE THE DESCENT TO THE CANYON IS OPTIONAL - IT INVOLVES SCRAMBLING DOWN ROCKY SLABS.

This walk starts from Abdet village. From the small play area at the far end of Calle Arriba walk down past the left side of Bar Mary. Here the narrow road splits. The right junction would take you down to the valley bottom (a very pleasant way to walk to Guadalest Reservoir). We take the narrow left junction which is a concrete track.

Follow the narrow track along to the old wash house (Lavadero). This is in a sad state of repair. It would have been the focal point of the village in the middle part of the last century. Throughout most of the year you will see some very large tadpoles (actually toadpoles) in the water.

Continue along the track until just past a large house a narrow footpath heads of on the left. This will lead you along a narrow path on the edge of a taerrace to the old mill "molino viejo". First however continue along the main track (ignoring a track junction on the right) until a farm building comes into view. Behind it you will see an impressive canyon. The track narrows into a footpath on the edge of the barranco and drops to the left. You need to take the first possible path back right (just before a no camping sign). This leads you onto a small terrace with fig and almond trees and at the far end of this you need to scramble down carefully on a rocky slope to the rock pools of the Barranco. The bigger pools are about 2.5 metres deep, and the best way to get in is to jump!

Once you are ready head back to the old mill path. The mill building is very overgrown, but if you have a torch, or a camera with a flash you will be able to make out the impeller wheels that drove the grind stones. 50 years ago the valley grew lots of wheat, so a mill like this would have been very busy. Abdet with it's reliable source of water was an ideal location. On someof the other walks (eg Serella Castle) you will see threshing circles "eras" where the wheat was seperated.

Carrying on past the old mill you get great views over the barranco as you pass through well tended terraces. You follow an irrigation stream (acecia) as far as a narrow road. Turn left here and you head back to the village. You can take the top road when you reach the village, this gives you good views over the roof tops, and there are some impressive boulders above the road. The ancient truck lies at the the roadside at the next junction. It is possible to take a rather rough short cut down to the left here. Other wise carry one down the road and turn left again back into the village.

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Walking Holiday Accommodation

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Accommodation for walkers families and individuals from £10 per person per night! Contact us for special offers. Abdet is the ideal base for a walking holiday with easy access to many walks, and of course you are surrounded by spectacular scenery. There are two recently renovated houses area suitable for groups or individuals. All bedding is included and we can also provide a food welcome pack to get you started. We also offer guided walking holidays

There is a restaurant in the village and even more choice in the nearby village of Confrides. In the summer months the local pools and streams provide superb venues for relaxation.

For further info look at the Costa Blanca Mountain Friends web site. the small, fit and friendly group devoted to mountain walks, scrambling, abseiling and rock climbing in the beautiful Costa Blanca mountain area of the Valencia region