A selection of linked circular routes on paths, tracks and virtually traffic free lanes. Routes lengths of between 2 and 11 kms. Longer if started from Abdet.

Circuit 1 - Confrides Old Mill - 3.5 kms - - - -

Starting Point: Font Toni which is just past the turn off to The Eagles Nest Restaurant. This walk can be done either way around but the navigation is probably easier anti-clockwise. The first 500 metre section is along the main road, so do take care. You can take a minor diversion here to avoid mosty of this section by turning along the narrow road on the right and taking the first path back on the left after a couple of hundred metres.

The diversion brings you out at the main road, cross directly over and up into Confrides. If going along the main road turn off at the first bend and follow a water pipe past the old Pirineo Restaurant sign and along a narrow track which passes by a few nicely cultivated terraces. You shortly arrive at a large walnut tree. Here you need to turn left along Calle St Antonio in the direction of Confrides Castle. At the next junction turn left again and head up to the very narrow part of the street. Turn right at La Masera de D'alt up to the church and then left at the top of the steps, note the good view of the church bells. Continue on past the house with red chimney pots into the town square with it's huge walnut tree and a short way further on is the old lavedero with its 4 washing stations and stone slabs. Carry on up and then follow the narrow path along the edge of the village towards the white house with blue shutters. This is an old mill, note the water following under the house with steps leading down. Take the narow path that zig zags up the right hand side of this old building. This brings you out on a track, turn left here and follow the route past a blue painted mill pond, the track turns into a wide footpath. Follow this path alongside a waterpipe to a ruined overgrown mill. Immediately past this follow the track and pipe up to the right until you reach a collection of buildings and a lage water deposit. Take the track running along the top edge of the water deposit, and take the right fork heading up to some woods (ignore the right fork up to a new house).

Once in the woods take the right fork along a track covered in old pine needles. This leads you to the "cracked house", a small abandonded casita that has suffered from subsidence. Walk around the right edge of this and follow the left hand fork in the track track downhill to a stream (possible continuation onto Old Terraces Circuit). At the stream bear left past a water pumping shed, over an old pipe and then contour along the hillside along a narrow track at the same level as the shed. NOTE THIS AREA CAN GET OVERGROWN WITH SHARP VEGETATION. This takes you past a huge boulder and after a few hundred metres drop down onto a vehicle track. Turn right here to join a minor road after 200 metres.

Then either:

Turn left to complete the short circuit: Follow the road downhill, turn left at the road junction and decend past trees and the Eagles Nest Restaurant to meet the main road a hundred metres from your starting point.


Turn right to continue onto the Castle West Circuit.

Old Terraces Circuit - 2 kms - - - -

This interesting extension to the walk takes you across an area of abandonded terraces, with good potential for spotting some interesting wildlife. Starting from the water pumping garden sheds on the Confrides Old Mill Walk take the narrow track steeply up the hill over the stream. After a short climb this brings you out at an open "hidden" valley with broad terracing and good views of the huge cliffs to the west, the Penas de Manchales. Carry on in a Southerly direction across the terraces until 400 Metres from the stream you meet a track, turn left onto this and follow this around a couple of bends back onto the minor road.

Then either:

Turn left to complete the short circuit: Follow the road downhill past the small farm buildings at La Kabila, turn left at the road junction and decend past trees and the Eagles Nest Restaurant to meet the main road a hundred metres from Font Toni


Turn right to continue onto the Castle West Circuit.

Confrides Castle Circuit West - 4 kms - - - -

This is a delightful circuit on almost traffic free lanes. It is very easy to follow and ideal for young children, or even for pushcahirs. It can also be done as an extension to the first two walks, the Old Mill or the Old Terraces walks. If driving to the walk the best place to park is just past the house called Font Freda. Follow the road in an anti-clockwise direction. The road takes you past the small farm buidings of La Kabila, with it's collection of hens, ducks, geese and goats, and after further ascent brings you out onto a more level section with super views of the Castle on it's rocky peak (see castle walk). At the last bend before the castle you can make a detour to the castle and/or extend the walk by doing the Confrides Castle East Circuit. If continuing on the West Circuit then once past the castle the road gradually descends around some big bends. At the next junction take the left turn which will return you to your starting point.

Confrides Castle Circuit East - 5kms - - - -

Taking in the Castle col, and a descent through cultivated terraces this route offers plenty of variety. Like the previous walks it can be done as an extension to the other circuits. The best starting point is in the obvious parking place directly below the Castle. Head East along the flat section of road away from the Castle, then turn of at the bend up the obvious track. This turns into a footpath and takes you back up to the narrow col between the Castle and the impressive cliffs of Moro de la Moleta. It's likely that you'll want to take the detour to the castle when you arrive at the col. The route continues from the col down a wide but rough zig zag track through almond and olive trees to meet a narrow road after descending about 250 metres. Turn left on the road and follow this as it contours and then climbs back around to the front of the castle. Turn left at the next junction if you parked beneath the the Castle, or carry straight on if you started at Font Freda or Font Toni.