A 5 km walk circuit - starting and finishing at Abdet and visiting it's sister village Confrides. In the summer months this would be an ideal way to visit the pool at Confrides. See how many of the trees and fruits you can spot!

From Abdet follow the road out towards the main road, you pass some very well tended olive and almond groves. It is also worth stopping to look down into the Barranco (canyon) - you will see some unusual ridges of rubble carved by the stream. Soon you arrive at the bridge over the barranco. Be careful as the drops between the parrapets are un-guarded. Immediately on the other side take a small track on the right side leading to a ruined hut.

You are now on the old mule trail between Abdet and Confrides, note the stone steps and terraces as you pass through more well tended "Campos".

Eventually you come out onto a tarmac track as Confrides looms closer above you. At this point turn right (look for the peach tree first though!) and follow the narrow surfaced track to a second house. Shortly after this the track splits - the main track can be followed or you can head up the rising path on the right, ignoring the track that leads onto a farmed terrace. Either way brings you out onto the main road (care) at the edge of Confrides. If you took the rising track you can cross straight over and up another short steep section of track into the village (turn left here to look for the Walnut tree)

After exploring the village follow the road 200 metres heading away from Abdet (towards Alcoy) and take the minor road underneath the impressive pinnacle. At the first hairpin bend take the narrow concrete track on the right leading down to another hairpin which turns left again underneath a small house with a fenced off yard and the track becomes a footpath. Now all you have to do is keep straight ahead on this next section as you head through terraces. At one point it climbs slightly through some terraces before skirting the crags at El Flare and the final drop to meet your outward route close to the bridge between Abdet and the main road.