Abdet Circular Walk and the Barranco de Falanic

This is a varied route on good tracks and footpaths that finishes with a visit to the spectacular canyon and waterfall at the head of the Barranco de Fanalic. Approx 10km or 6 miles so ideal for a half day or a 90 minute run!

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Start by heading north out of Abdet on the minor road that passes above the cemetery and the sports area. You get good views down into the Barranco de Meli which you soon cross. You need to look for a left turn onto a track after a steep hill just beyond a wooden chalet called Machu Pichu. This is the first left turn after the Barranco. Follow this track, ignoring the turns on the right and descend again to the Barranco where the track reverts to a footpath before crossing the Barranco again immediately before a steep climb up to a bigger path. Turn left onto the bigger path and follow the path, then track all the way back to a resurfaced road. 

Turn right here (left would take you back to Abdet) and continue along the minor road over the hill (the walks highest point) and down the hairpins to eventually come out onto the CV70 on the edge of Confrides. You can walk through the middle of the village along Calle Sant Antoni before returning to the CV70 and follow the pavement all the way to a  Fresh water font where you can get some drinking water.

150 metres further along the road you need to take the steep turn on the right and follow the road straight on in an Easterly direction for 350 metres (ignore the turns up to the right) . Now take a left turn onto a dirt track and follow this for 200 metres at which point you will be approaching a square house clad in unusual tiles. Take a narrow path on your left just before this (can be a bit overgrown at times) and continue heading North East to find an old mule track which zig zags up past a short rock pinnacle. Keep on this track over the wooded hillside and eventually descend past a house and onto a track. Follow this for 300 metres to a narrow track on the left which then starts heading back towards Abdet. 

You need to cross over  the main road, turn right, and find a continuation track a few metres down the road which heads, which heads again towards Abdet. Keep following this straight ahead when it turns into a footpath and eventually you will come to another track that zig-zags down to the Barranco de Fanalic. If there has been any rain you will get great views of the impressive waterfall from this point.  Where the track ends follow a narrow path past a water store to a hairpin bend in the footpath, ignore the bend and carry straight on over a short but exposed section of path on the edge of the Barranco. You now cross the stream (possible scramble to view the waterfall - take care!) and then ascend up to your left as far as some water pipes to find the path that then contours around the slope and heads along the edge of several terraces to bring you back into Abdet at the lower end of the village.

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