Walking holidays in Spain

The rugged mountains of the Costa Blanca offer a wonderful landscape of pinnacled ridges, enormous crags and shady pines. Orange and almond groved enhance the valleys, whilst attractive mountain villages provide hospitality, offering a real Spanish experience."

Abdet is situated in the heart of the Costa Blanca mountains. Ideally placed for a wide variety of walks, some straight from your doorstep! The peaceful village has only 100 residents yet you are certain of a warm welcome. Please visit our accommodation page for details of where the holidays are based.

Getting to Abdet is very easy from the UK! cheap flights are available all year around to Alicante, and from there its a quick transfer to Abdet.  Just a few hours after leaving the UK you will be a world away, relaxing amidst amazing scenery and waiting for the sun to rise on your Spanish adventures.

We have set up free of charge a selection of routes using a couple of excellent smart phone apps.

Wikiloc is a very good App for the area as there are lots of routes available - you can export the route as a GPS file or use the APP itself. For aless that 10 euros you can download the maps and routes to allow you to use the app when out of mobile reception (download prior to your walk on wifi)

11 walks from Abdet on Wikiloc

Komoot is a popluar App and very good for planning new routes - here are a few routes ready for you

Walks from Abdet/Confrides on Komoot


free walking guides to spain

Free walking guides to the Costa Blanca - Spain

Each guide has a maps and detailed description

We have put together some of the best walks in the Costa Blanca in our free guides section. Highlights include the incredible rock crevasses on the Sierra Aitana (which also ascends Valencias highest peak), a exploration of the unique rock pinnacles on the slopes of Pla de la Casa, the historic ice holes or "nevara" from a long forgotten industry and ancient Moorish castles perched high on rocky outcrops.

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