20kms 1400 metres of ascent

A challenging mountain run with some good sections of easier trail running to start and finish. This run has it all! A long steady ascent from Abdet (600 metres) up to the highpoint of around 1350 metres at Serrella Summit. Then the fun begins! Weave your way through the bizzare porcupine plants (Cactus Garden) and then make the descent to a fresh water spring to replenish your water supplies. Next  (after another stiff ascent!) you will visit the Serrella Arches, an intriguing rock feature along with ancient cave paintings. which you can explore. Just beyond is one of the best bits of mountain running you will ever do - the Serella Rock Elevator, an 850 foot (250 metre) scree descent that just keeps on going! 

Another freshwater spring is available here and you may need it as there is a 1000 foot (300 metre) climb to follow up to the astonishing snow hole just under the rocky summit of Pla de La Casa which is reached by an easy scramble.  A great seaction of easy trail along the flat summit plateau leads to a rocky descent and a superb section of ridge running with spectacular views in all directions. From there it's pretty much all down hill via the the exciting V notch which allows us to escape from the mountain and leads to a fast section of gradually descending trail running all the way back to Abdet.

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