Tourist Information

There is lots to see and do in the Guadalest Valley, ruined castles, traditional villages with narrow streets built into the rocky hillsides, the lake, canyons, and great mountain scenery.

Summer Holidays

There is plenty to do in summer in Abdet. The location of the village high in the mountains means you get beautiful fresh air and a pleasant breeze. The houses stay cool with their thick walls.The local pools are a great feature, at Confrides, Guadalest and Benimantell. For about 2.5 Euros a day you can stay as long as you want. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, it is rarely busy.

Don't miss the great experience of night swimming at Guadalest. Pools are open mid June until the end of August (Guadalest until mid september)

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Guadalest Reservoir

The emerald green waters of the Guadalest Reservoir always amaze visitors to the area. The green colour is caused by tiny particles of silt suspended in the water. It is perfectly safe to swim in, although it is certainly not suitable for small children or poor swimmers as the water soon gets very deep. The best access for swimming is from the car parking area at the dam. Go through the gates (where it says dangerous swimming "peligro de bano") and after a minute you will find some access paths down to the shore. From June through to October you probably don't need a wetsuit. In mid summer it is the perfect temperature for a dip!

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Guadalest Rock Climbing

The rocky citadel of Guadalest, besides being a very popular tourist destination was well known for the bouldering available there, but recently the extensive walls have been developed by the enthusiastic local climbers and now the area is one of the best climbing venues in the Costa Blanca with a wide selection of well protected routes across the grades, on a variety of walls. For climbers operating in the orange spot grade range - 5 to 6a+ - there is plenty to go at including some exceptional 2 and 3 pitch routes. These also offer a good oportunity for less experienced climbers to try their hand at multi-pitch routes before venturing onto the much bigger undertakings on places like the Penon and Puig Campana.There are also sectors suitable for beginners and top roping. It is only a short walk up to the historic with its bizzarre selection of museums as well as some good cafes.

The Rockfax 2013 has many of the routes in it, but you are best calling in at the climbers hut below the main sector to buy an up to date copy. Or login to an account on this site to get a copy, but please donate at Guadalest climbers refuge. It costs a lot of money to equip so many long routes!

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