Abdet - Confrides Castle - Benifato - Guadalest - Embalse de Guadalest - Abdet - 32kms. 800 metres of ascent

This routes stays within the Guadalest Valley, and explores some of the narrow and almost traffic free roads that weave up to the spectacular Castle above Confrides and also connect the Lake with Abdet via an idyllic valley road. Suitable for road or mountain bike - but on a few sections the surfaces require care if you are on a road bike.

Head out to the CV 70 and follow this for a few hundred metres towards Confrides until you turn left on a narrow road signposted for "Eagles Nest". Bear right to take the first hairpin and then follow the road as it climbs past the Eagles Nest Restaurant and to another junction where a right turn can be made. This climbs up with dramatic views until it contours underneath the steep slopes of the hill on which Confrides Castle stands.

This is the highest point of the ride at almost 1000 metres and the following 16kms are mainly downhill. A left turn and a right turn take you to the delightful small village of Benifato and then heading out the far side of the village a short stiff climb leads on to a recently rebuilt road that contours for several km's until it drops down to meet the main CV 70. Turn left here for a few km's on the glassy smooth surface until a right turn at the first roundabout takes you to Guadalest, stop for a cafe stop here if you want before continuing along the CV755 towards La Nucia. Don't miss the the sharp left turn (1.8kms after Guadalest) to the swimming pool (piscina) and dam though or you'll have a big climb back up the hill!

Keep on this road all the way to the Lake, cross the dam and then follow the narrow road as it contours in and out of the ravines along the North side of the lake. ignore the turn on the right after a further 5.8kms, and then a couple of km's further you descend to a small bridge. Don't cross over, just follow the narrow road through the olive and almond groves all the way back to Abdet.