We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and also to benefit wherever possible the local communities in Abdet

Our rental houses were reconstructed during 2003 from a totally ruined village houses. The work was done by local builders using traditional and recycled materials wherever possible.

The main heating is provided by wood pellet stoves which are very efficient and eco friendly.

Electricity: The vast majority of light fittings use low energy bulbs and all water is heated by modern gas water heaters on demand. There is no wasteful air-conditioning in the properties. Due to the way the houses are built into the hillside the rooms stay cool in the summer (cool air actually seeps out the ground behind number 21!) and warm in the winter.

Water: We don't have swimming pools and recommend use of the local public pools. All bathrooms have showers available and toilets are fitted with low water use cisterns. The water in the village comes from a local sustainable source however we still encourage economical use as much as possible.

We strongly advise people who fly to Spain and visit our accommodation to neutralise their carbon emissions via Carbon Neutral.com

We don't print any brochures, all our promotion is by the internet.

Detailed information is provided on utilising local shops and restaurants as well as all the "traveling shops" that arrive in the village very day selling local bread and foodstuffs, thus helping the local economy in an area of relatively high unemployment.

We provide information on local walks, bike rides and climbs that don't require the use of cars.

Recycling is actively encouraged. We ask people to leave this for us to manage if they don't have time. Paper, card, tins, plastic bottles, tetra bricks, glass are all recycled.

Local staff are employed by us provide the servicing to this house as well as any repairs, etc. For instance, the new doors and windows were made by a local carpenters.

We encourage the use of the local municple facilities - for example there are three local swimming pools that are used by people who stay with us.

We aim to educate guests about the surrounding habitat by providing information on the local fauna and flora. We encourage birdlife by providing nest space for swallows which come to the village each spring.